The short end of the straw

A strait of the Bosphorus variety

One of my colleagues just asked me how my blog was going, and I breezily replied that I hadn’t written much recently because I hadn’t found any interesting tidbits. This was, I then reflected, a BIG FAT LIE. The truth is merely that I’ve been a bit lazy. So I have now gone back to him and confessed such.

I have no huge rants at present, but I do have the following small offerings:

  • This morning in the Metro, my star sign (Capricorn, should you care) said that if I didn’t stop setting one standard for myself and another for everyone else, I’d “end up with the short end of the straw”. Or the wrong stick, perhaps.
  • Also this morning, I was prompted, again by the Metro, to look up ‘strait-laced’. I had a hunch that it should be ‘straight-laced’, which just goes to show that my hunches should be treated with suspicion. It is indeed ‘strait-laced’, referring to being tightly laced into a stay or bodice, in the manner of a strait – a narrow, confined space or place, specifically a body of water. I can imagine that would indeed make one feel uptight. Whereas having lovely straight laces on your shoes (I can only assume that was what my hunch was suggesting) would simply be inconvenient. Thanks to the Online Etymology Dictionary for setting me straight.

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