Style guide: hyphens and dashes

Just a warning: I will have serious concerns about the sanity of anyone who responds to this post. I shall take it as a sign that you’re either utterly depraved or a masochist of the worst kind. Or perhaps that you’re procrastinating and trying to avoid something even worse – that would be the most understandable excuse.

Here – dah dah dahhhh – is an entry I have written for the new Which? style guide. And when I say new, I mean new. For the year that I’ve been working here, the general style guide situation has been “well we used to have one, and it’s still online, but you probably shouldn’t use it as it’s out of date and we’re making a new one but you can’t really use that either yet”. Which is to say, we haven’t really had one.

Of course, I haven’t spent the past 11 months grumbling about that *at all*.

Anyway, the style guide is now happening. I will not live to see it (okay, okay, I’ll hopefully live to see it, but I won’t be in the office to see it), but it is at least in progress.

What my grumbling has earned me, however, is the dubious honour of being asked to write a few bits for it. It’s quite tricky, as our writers are not, primarily, writers. They’re titled “researchers”, and indeed, research is the bulk of what they do. As a result, the level of language awareness varies greatly.

And that is a very longwinded way of saying… do you think the tone of this is too basic/patronising? It’s here: Hyphens and dashes.

VERY EXCITING UPDATE: Following the comments by Freelance Unbound, Andrew and Rory (below), there has been a REVOLUTION on the subs’ desk. Kind of. We are simplifying our style on login and setup. So now, log in and set up as verbs, and login and setup for all other purposes. Sorted.

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