It’s in the headline!

Ah, dummy copy. So dangerous.

Even more dangerous, though, is a mischievous art desk that doesn’t use generic placeholder text. I once came within a whisker of sending a story about Jamie Oliver to press with a picture caption that read “fat tongue Oliver hugging yet another piglet”. Ta Stu!

Headlines, standfirsts, eyebrows and picture captions: all are in the danger zone. The bigger the font, the blinder you get. It’s huge, so it must be right. Right? But if you’ve left the l out of public or the f out of shift, it’ll be in the headline. Guaranteed. Never trust page furniture.

I’ve half-inched these pics from other people’s websites, because I was looking for a collection to link to and couldn’t find one. To see them in their original homes, just click on them.


And here are some I’ve been sent since publishing this post.

Note to subs… (Spotted on Main Road. Photo courtesy of a coll... on Twitpic

thanks to @DNAtkinson
thanks to @liamkellyldn

A really bad one (the editor resigned over this):

thanks to @grouchotendency
thanks to @Andrew_Taylor
thanks to Melissa

And, going off topic as these things tend to, some different kinds of unfortunate headline.

Owly Images
thanks to higgins
Thanks to @KevGlobal

(The original headline said ‘Can Dec at last match Ant’ and the second said ‘Can Dec finally match Ant’. One page was updated, one wasn’t… AARGH.)

thanks to Alistair Dabbs

Any more for any more?

Edit: I’ve now been sent so many that this post is getting unwieldy, so I’ve moved it to a Pinterest board. Keep ’em coming.

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